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Colback® is the overall brand name for all technical fabrics used in transportation, interior carpeting, resilient flooring and decorative solutions. The brand stands for world leading technology and maximum product performance. Its unique design delivers properties that make Colback® the preferred choice for premium products across multiple industries - the number one for nonwovens.
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Xeroflor is a Low & Bonar premium product brand specializing in pre-vegetated green roof systems for both commercial and residential design and installations.
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BonarBuilt is a Low & Bonar premium product brand specializing in innovative, performance leading products and components for building drainage, ventilation, green roof systems and components, and sound control for roofs and multi-story. Sales offices are located in North America (NC, USA) and Europe (NL).
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Enka® Solutions is a Low & Bonar premium product brand of high performance geosynthetics which offers multiple solutions for civil engineering and construction projects. Thanks to its extensive portfolio of readily available products, Enka Solutions efficiently answers challenges in the fields of erosion control, drainage, soil reinforcement, consolidation and separation and more.
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Woven and nonwoven products are produced under the brand name Bontec.
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BonarPure® is a Low & Bonar premium product brand used in filtration and separation markets for applications like cabin air filtration, home air purifiers, industrial air filters, liquid filters, odor control and (waste) water treatment solutions.
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Arnhem (NL)

Westervoortsedijk 73

6827 AV Arnhem

The Netherlands

+31 85 744 1200

F +31 85 744 1210


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Glanzstoffstrasse 1

63784 Obernburg


T +49 6022 812020

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Sales office & Manufacturing

Huszár Andor street

3580 Tiszaújváros


T +36 49 886 200

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Unit 28, Bergen Way,

Sutton Fields Industrial Estate (West)


HU7 0YQ. England

T +44 1482 863777

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Industriestraat 39

9240 Zele


T +32 52 45 74 11

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