January 1, 2013. We are very pleased to announce the completed merger of Colbond and Bonar Technical Fabrics and present them to you as the global company Bonar. Our new site is under construction. Until it is ready to launch we very much welcome you to visit our former sites via the links below to find all of the product and technical information pertinent to your geographic location.
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Introducing Bonar

Bonar is a subsidiary of Low & Bonar, a multinational group of producers and suppliers of performance technical textiles operating worldwide. Bonar is a leading producer and supplier of nonwovens and synthetic woven fabrics, three-dimensional polymeric mats and composites to a broad range of end markets including civil engineering, interior, transportation, agriculture, building and industrial applications.
The company’s production facilities are based in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA and Hungary.

Bonar Solutions

Geosynthetic Solutions Transportation Solutions Filtration Solutions Construction Fibre Solutions Building Solutions Roofing Solutions Interior Solutions Industry Solutions Agriculture Solutions

Bonar offers a wide range of products used in major infrastructure projects including road and rail building, land reclamation and coastal defense. Bonar provides woven and nonwoven geotextiles under the brand name Bontec® with a range of uses including separation and filtration, membrane protection in landfills and reservoirs, and for erosion control on riverbanks and coastlines. The speciality geosynthetics Enkadrain®, Enkamat®, Enkagrid®, and Colbonddrain® are used for erosion control, drainage, soil reinforcement, stabilization and consolidation.

http://www.bonartf.com/en/x/42/products http://www.colbond-geosynthetics.com http://www.colbond-usa.com

Bonar, under the brand name Colback®, produces primary and secondary nonwoven backings for molded car carpets and option mats, as well as reinforcement and carrier substrates in hood liners, trunk liners, door panels, package trays and car seats. Colback® is also used as support media for cabin air filters.

http://www.colbond.com/about/ (worldwide) http://www.colbond-usa.com

Bonar supplies industrial and commercial air purification and bio-filtration systems customers with both Colback®, a high-performance support material for woven and nonwoven filter media or activated carbon layers, and Enkamat®, a three-dimensional monofilament matrix mat for pre-filters, spacers and core material.

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At Bonar we produce Construction fibres, used in concrete to reduce shrinkage and settlement cracking and as an alternative to steel mesh reinforcement of concrete.

http://www.bonartf.com/en/x/126/products http://www.adfil.co.uk/products.php

Bonar provides three-dimensional monofilament mats and composites for building applications, including for subsurface drainage for green roofs, foundation walls, ICF’s, planters and plaza decks among others, for radon control and for roof ventilation under the brand names Enkamat®, Enkadrain®, Enka®Vent, Enkaroof® VM, and Enkasonic®.

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Bonar offers a range of thermally bonded reinforcement for the production of Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes under the brand names Colback® and Colfors® and green roof drainage, soil stabilization, metal roof moisture and air ventilation under the brand names Enkamat®, Enkadrain®.

Xeroflor Green solutions is an integrated part of the Bonar organization and specializes on the development and marketing of pre vegetated mats for green roof and infrastructural projects.

http://www.colbond.com/about/ http://www.colbond-usa.com http://www.xeroflor.com

Bonar offers a full range of high-performance primary backings for tufted carpet tiles and broadloom carpet that offer superior dimensional and thermal stability to high-quality, high-volume carpet producers.

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Bonar provides a range of woven fabrics, that function as reinforcement, matrix or protection material to combine lightweight, flexibility and high performance in building membranes, packaging materials, and a lot of other technical applications. Another solution offered are the three-dimensional monofilament mats for Composites (flow media and spacers for PUR molding and resin infusion processes), Cooling Towers (sound control mats) or Sports Fields (drainage, drain/shockpad combination, and turf protection) and a variety of applications in other sectors, under the brand names Enka®-Spacer, Enka®-Channel, Enka®-Fusion®, Enka®Turf Drain, Enkadrain®ShockPad, Enkamat®Plus, and Enkaflex®.

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Bonar offers creative and durable solutions for the agriculture and horticulture industry. Our products offer solutions in the field of climate control and energy management in greenhouses, weed control solutions for landscaping, wind protection, fruit protection, mushroom production, water management, crop protection, etc.  Bonar agro-textiles are distributed globally through specialized dealers and installers.