Research, Development & Innovation (R, D & I)

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Research, Development and Innovation

Bonar has three Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Centers in Asheville (North Carolina, United States), Arnhem (the Netherlands) and Lokeren (Belgium). These R, D & I centers actively support the growth objectives  by developing innovative performance engineered  products for current and new customers and markets.  The RD&I function is technology-based and market-driven. In close cooperation with the Business Teams, RD&I contributes to innovative idea generation leading to the design of attractive concepts driven by perceived megatrends, societal and customer needs. RD&I leads the development of new products, based on our core technologies in the field of polymer,  fiber and tape extrusion; yarn spinning; and polymer shaping into woven, nonwoven and three-dimensional structures. New complementary technologies may be added to capture additional value streams.

RD&I has teams of experts with key competencies in (polymeric) materials, technologies and application knowhow for technical textiles, and is strongly networked with academic and other partners in the value chain. RD&I executes its activities in stage-gated projects, organized in a balanced new product development portfolio, aimed at accelerated implementation and short time-to-market. We work in cross-functional teams with Product Management and Process Technology, facilitating strong idea management, translated into concepts, patents, business models and business cases using accepted metrics and KPI’s.


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Our colleagues

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Contact us

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Jan Mahy | Director Research, Development & Innovation
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Dr. Ives Swennen | Deputy Director Research, Development & Innovation
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