Green Roof


Bonar green roof drainage and system solutions nurture lucky plants and our planet.

A very essential part for green roofs and roof gardens is drainage. In case of water saturation due to insufficient drainage, leaks and roof damage can occur, the strength of the roof construction may be affected and/or the green roof vegetation is lost. These problems may be prevented by the use of Enkadrain drainage products.

With Enkadrain, Bonar offers a multifunctional layer for the drainage of surplus water, protection and filtration without the risk of clogging. The 95% open three dimensional polymeric drainage core offers a high water discharge due to its open structure and a good load-bearing capacity.

Enkadrain geocomposites also offer both filtration and water retention capabilities. The nonwoven filter layer serves to protect the sealing layer and as a separator from the substrate. An additional retention layer of nonwoven fleece benefits both storm water management by reducing runoff and plant health by storing water for use by the plants, maintaining optimum growing conditions.

The choice of the right Enkadrain product type depends on the specific roof structure and use. Certain types of Enkadrain are designed for use in extensive or intensive green roofs; others offer effective solutions for construction projects where roof gardens are intended to take vehicular traffic or other heavy loads, making compression resistance essential.

Significant features and benefits of Enkadrain products are :

  • Continuous, important water discharge even under high loads
  • Predictable flow rates and does not allow water to be trapped
  • Protects waterproofing during and after backfill
  • Prevents silting up of the collector drain
  • The open air profile provides better insulation and allows roots to breathe
  • Highly flexible, conforms to all surface shapes
  • Longer and wider rolls reduce installation costs
  • Light weight and easy to handle


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