3D MATS are unique strong three-dimensional open structured polymeric mats, made of monofilaments fused together where they intersect. They are used in industrial applications, as well as in roofing, building and civil engineering works.

Molten filaments are entangled and laid down onto a shaped “template” in such a way that upon solidification of the polymer, a 3D entangled web structure is formed, which can for instance have a pyramidal or “V-shaped” superstructure for erosion control, drainage, ventilation and acoustic dampening applications. The “open” structure of the 3D mat guarantees a high discharge capacity and combines high compressive resistance with excellent long term behavior. It holds soil when used as an erosion control mat and provides a strong foothold for vegetation.

All 3D MATS can be combined into composites with foils, fleeces, membranes or woven structures, depending on the desired performance and functionality.

Product Examples

189742S_1BOTF.jpg (1)


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